These are my top 5 Restaurants in Mongolia for tour groups

My favourite Mongolian food at 5 restaurants in Mongolia

My favourite Mongolian food at 5 restaurants in Mongolia

So having lived and worked in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia for 9 years as a tour guide, there is nothing more fun, than the final farewell night meal, as we eat amazing food and say our final goodbyes to our new found friends.

These are by far my top 5 restaurants in Mongolia, for tour groups, who want to book and have a farewell meal, on their last and final night in Mongolia.

Or if you flew into Ulaanbaatar before your tour started and you wanted to sample the best cuisine that Mongolia’s restaurants have to offer.

1. Hazara Restaurant

 (Best Restaurant in Mongolia for Indian Food) 


I have to start with Hazara Restaurant, as it is clearly one of the top restaurants in Mongolia.  It’s a strange yellow building located in a sea of drab grey-colored shops, but don’t let that put you off. The food is some of the best Indian food I have ever had. They cook authentic North Indian cuisine, which is perfect for me, as I like an exotic, fiery kick to their meal.

It is quite a hidden gem has a warm and very welcoming interior with a simple décor, offering plenty of space for both groups and couples. You will experience an intimate ambience here from their wooden and brass tables separated by beautiful brightly coloured wall hangings.

Try some of their traditional dishes like their butter chicken and lamb biriyani. Amazingly this is the owner's first restaurant, but the attention to detail really shows. Don’t miss it!

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2. Altai Mongolian Grill 

(Best Restaurant in Mongolia for Mongolian Food)


If you are looking for authentic Mongolian food, then this is your type of restaurant. I love the way they cook the food in front of you in a very special way! This is a great experience with every kind of meat, even horse, and for everyone. It is clearly the best restaurant in Mongolia for Mongolian food!

You get the chance to design your own meal according to your personal choice. You get to choose from a list of available meats, vegetables, seasonings, noodles and sauces that are then prepared and cooked by Altai’s skilled chefs. A huge range of ingredients too, including options like bok choi, bean sprout, beef, mutton, hand-made noodles and Asian ginger root sauce. You will enjoy watching your food being made in a special and authentic Mongolian way.

To me the prices here are very good, for both food and drinks. They also have a prepared food counter which offers several types of soups and salads, cooked meats, several types of rice and their special, a ready cooked sheep’s head.

Ah and they also serve ice cream and chocolate cake for dessert. But remember, they are only open until 11pm; the chefs stop cooking at 10pm.

3. Mexikhan and Guantanamera Restaurant

(Best Restaurant in Mongolia for Mexican Food)

Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia

Yes a Mexican restaurant in Mongolia!!

This restaurant has really good Mexican food. The burritos are big and tasty. The fajitas are authentic, but not too spicy. Groups tend to go for the mojitos and margaritas as well (especially on a 2 for 1 night)

They use locally sourced produce only, including awesome meat from the Bulgan province in the North of Mongolia, which is where the most succulent and tender meat found in Mongolia.

Guests also like the GEM beer on draft here. It is famously known as Mongolia’s first and ONLY Mexican restaurant, made by the restaurant’s team of Mexican and Mongolian chefs. I love the stylish interior; they have amazing cocktails, salsa dancing and good Latin music.

In fact it’s a great ambience. I love to chill here with friends but also take a lot of groups here, who want the mix of great meat and great Mexican taste.

4. Luna Blanca Restaurant

(Best Restaurant in Mongolia for Vegetarian/Vegan Food)

Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia

Many call this an “oasis” in the Mongolian desert of meat. And they are so right!

When you have spent two weeks in remote barren areas eating mutton, many groups love the change, to this small vegan restaurant in the streets of Ulaanbaatar. Not only is the food good, it is also very cheap.

I’m not a vegan but everyone thinks it’s fantastic. The food is well presented, tasty, and extremely clean, the staff speak English well. You won’t go wrong!

During my time in Mongolia, it has become one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in the meat country. I like the simplicity of this place.

It is just a lovely quiet place, great if you want to escape loud bothersome music noise. The Sea Buckthorn juice is so cool and refreshing!

5. Namaste Restaurant 

 (Best Indian - Vegan Restaurant in Mongolia)

Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia

An awesome family-run restaurant that mainly serves amazing northern Indian food. If you are hungry and like Indian food, and you are in Ulaanbaatar, then this is the place for you.

The portions are huge and food tasty. Staff is also friendly and know what they are doing. The naan is delicious and HUGE, portions are very large so I often get the half portions in order to try a variety.

My favourite is the Yellow Daal Tadka and the Aloo Gobhi (a potato and cauliflower dish in a tomato based sauce) with naan and rice. Even the half portions are often too much

It has an elegantly decorated interior with dark wooden seating that contrasts the vibrant and warm red walls. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy great service, generous food portions and a vast variety of vegan dishes to choose from.

The mango lassi is so incredibly good. It’s going to be full of tourists, am afraid and I have to admit the prices are a little higher than other places but it is definitely my favourite curry place.

So these were our best 5 restaurants in Mongolia!

There you go. Am sure some of you will try all 5, before the  tour. Can’t blame you really!