Looking For The Best Movies About Mongolia?

Spoiler Alert:

The movies in Mongolia are strongly influenced by the movies in Russia which make them different in terms of development when compared to movies in other Asian countries.

But these movies about Mongolia, still show this vast and majestic emptiness of Mongolia, that brings the traveller, into a close communion with nature and its nomadic inhabitants.

1. Tsogt Taij

In a country considered tough to find a movie that is neither a documentary on the nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolians or a Mongolian epic storyline that does not involve the renown Genghis Khan, this movie tops the list as a unique is a hit!

It's a historical epic story narrating of Mongolia’s 17th Century struggles during World War II, the betrayal and politics.

This is one of the best movies about Mongolia, on YouTube with English subtitles.

2. Tungalag Tamir or The Crystal Clear Tamir River

This mountain movie about Mongolia, highlights the truth about the Mongol Society in the 20s and the differences existing between the wealthy and the poor.

Initially it was a novel but it was later made into a movie trilogy with priceless messages to the audience.

The main plot of the novel from which the movie has been made, happens around Tamir River located in the Khangai mountains.

3. Mandukhai Setsen Khatun or Queen Mandukhai the Wise 

This movie was made based on the account of the life of Mongol's Empire's last queen.

She was the only daughter of the Grand Councillor Chorosbai of the Ongud Mongols in Eastern Mongolia.

She is known for uniting the Mongols with Dayan Khan sometime in the 15th century, defeated many times but protected her country and was later betrayed by her generals.

This is definitely a very interesting historical Mongolian movie to watch and one of the best historical movies about Mongolia.

4. State of Dogs

This is a story about a hunter employed by the city to reduce its dog population that is literally more than one dog for each four humans in its population.

It has brief interludes with solar eclipse, some poetry recital segments as well as a depiction of the modern Mongolia life with undercurrents of myths and mystics.

This movie has a combination of both documentary elements and fictional elements and is one of the best documentary movies about Mongolia.

5. The Story of the Weeping Camel

This movie features a very interesting plot about a Nomadic Family of Shepherds who find themselves in the Gobi Desert trying to save the life of a rare white Bactrian camel calf after it was rejected by its mother.

The story has an interesting turn of events and you will enjoy finding out how the whole situation turns out.

6. The cave of the Yellow Dog

This movie, has a storyline that is more of a teaching about the limitations of life and its acceptance.

There is a painful lesson of letting go of desire and want, after a father insists on leaving a girl's new found stray dog behind.

There is a very deep emptiness but the ending of the film offers some hope.

7. The Two Horses of Genghis Khan

The two horses in the storyline of this movie present a stiff look at the crushing of the effects of Mongolian heritage years after the happening of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. which left priceless artefacts of Music and art destroyed including the family heirloom of the main character in the story.

It was a 19th Century horse head engraved with the words of an old and forgotten Mongolian folk song.

A singer by the name Urna has a quest to find the origin of the song and bring the family's old horsehead violin back to her homeland like she had promised her late grandmother.

Does she accomplish her mission? Find out as you enjoy the movie.

8. Khadag 

This is a film exploring the events surrounding Bagi a nomad and also a herder during his transition to become of age and how his people were forced to relocate.

Bagi suffers from epilepsy and goes into fits sometimes which cause him to get visions and out of body experiences.

In the process of the Exodus, Bagi and many others are forcibly made to work at an open coal pit mine.

Bagi eventually meets a woman by the name Zolzaya, who does raids against the freight trains that ship coal away from the facility.

What is Bagi's fate? The movie will keep you intrigued with what unfolds next.

9. Tuya's Marriage

This film depicts life in Inner Mongolia especially in areas where the desert setup makes life hard for the sheep herders.

A lady and her husband agreed to get divorced with the hope of her finding another husband who will offer to take care of both of them and the children.

It is interesting the lines people would be willing to cross when push comes to shove.

10. Urga 

This amazing film tells of a story about the friendship between a Russian truck driver and the shepherd from Inner Mongolia.

The shepherd known as Gombo lives in a tent on the Mongolian steppe with his grandmother, his wife and three children when a Russian truck driver get stuck with his truck close to their tent.

Two people with a huge cultural gap become closer over time after knowing more about each other and a lesson on cultivating good relationship irrespective of cultural differences, is well manifested in this movie.

11. Under the Power of the Eternal Sky

This is an artistic masterpiece which clearly shows the life of Chinggis Khan since his early years until the end of his time. This is one of the best artistic movies of Mongolia 

It brings out the skills of the great emperor showing how he managed to unite all the Mongols under one rule and guided the Mongolians to perfect their skills in the Art of War.

This movie is full of amazing historical events and melodies that will definitely make you want to sit back and enjoy your viewing.

It brings the feeling of 'home' about Mongolia, so close and candidly you will actually look forward to going there.