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Why It’s Easier To Hike Than Go On A Long Boring and Tiring Horse Trek in Mongolia? 

Or Are You Missing Out on Something Special and Amazing? 

1. Aren’t Mongolian horses wild and not so friendly? 

  • In fact, horse trekking in Mongolia allows you to bond with the amazingly mighty horses that you can only find out here in Mongolia
  • Although Mongolian horses are wild horses, do not be scared by that, because what they mean is that the Mongolian horses are highly adaptable to the wild.
  • In Mongolia, horses roam freely as compared to other parts of the world, where they are kept in barns.
  • Horses in Mongolia are very well trained, which explains why Mongolians are regarded as the best horsemen in the world!

2. Surely it’s easier to hike or walk ? 

  • A Mongolia horse trek, will take you to incredible places where otherwise you may not be able to navigate on foot.
  • Horseback riding gives you the advantage to explore the vast nature more deeply, as compared to just hiking.
  • This is because, some places get excessively wet during the summer, and therefore you cannot walk on your feet.

3. Can Mongolian horses cope!  

  • The horses, however, have been trained to navigate rough-terrain for hours on end while carrying heavy loads enabling you to enjoy the vast wilderness across the Mongolian valleys.
  • Horses in Mongolia are an integral part of the nomadic culture, fortified by generations of breeding for functions, so the horses are strong and spirited just like the people who ride them!
  • Mongolians have a different way of interacting with the horses and kids are trained on handling horses from a very early age with some as young as 5-6 years.

4. You will not meet anyone interesting! 

  • In fact, a day-long horse ride will not only be an amazing experience that is both enjoyable and relaxing but also will get you interacting with the locals who are very hospitable and welcoming.
  • Day-long Mongolia horse treks will usually end up in the community where the locals live.
  • Mongolian people will be more than glad to host you in their Gers (a portable circular dwelling made of flexible poles and covered in felt)
  • True the accommodation maybe basic at times, but the hospitality of the Mongolian people makes it worth your while.

5. Leave your camera at home! 

  • Wrong…You will capture amazing landscape reviews, magical dawn light, herds of horses, or even practice photographing portraits as you ride your horse through the wet areas of this stunning country
  • While on your trip to Mongolia, there are many options for a guide who can offer lessons on photography during your horse trek in Mongolia.
  • Your horse trek in Mongolia gives you an advantage of height to capture those beautiful shots.

6. It’s better to watch Mongolian people ride their own horses 

  • Of course, if we can’t convince you to do a horse trek in Mongolia, then at least, ensure you do not miss the Naadam festival if you are in Mongolia during its season and get a first-hand experience of bareback horse racing competitions as is part of their culture.

Enjoy your horse trek in Mongolia!